Building Trust

High Security GDPR Compliant

At SORecycle we were awarded with one of the largest NHS secure shredding contracts in the South. We provide the Southampton General with complete destruction of their confidential waste which then gets recycled back into paper!

We understand that security is the number one priority when it comes to disposing of your confidential waste. We work we some of the highest security organisations in the UK. This includes the NHS, NATO operated businesses, SME and various schools’.

Shredding sacks for one off clear outs, we shred the whole bag.

Shredding Cabinet, a locked cabinet for in offices/ businesses, we collect contents and shred the same day of collection. 

Contract Shredding for high volumes of confidential waste, collected in secure 40yd skips, or on artic trailers.


What happens to your confidential waste?

Once your waste arrives at our warehouse in Romsey. That day it then passes through our 2 shredders and into our baler. The shredded paper then gets turned into 400kg (approximately) bales. That is the final step in the process and now the bales are ready to be sent to one of our paper mill partners.

Did you know it takes as little as 14 days for your shredded waste to be recycled back into paper!