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Confidential Paper Shredding Southampton

Our high security shredding service is trusted by some of the highest security organisations in the UK, from the NHS to SME’s, our fully screened and high skilled operatives, securely collect documents providing a collection and destruction note the day of collection.

It is no longer ok to use any old sack for shredding!! Confidential waste must be clearly separated from other waste streams in clearly marked and sealed sacks to avoid costly data breaches. These shredding sacks hold a massive 25KG, and can be used for paper, window envelopes, plastic wallets, even staples, paperclips and floppy disks.

The shredding sacks are self-sealing, and the complete sack is shredded on the day of collection, along with its contents by our huge shredding plant in Romsey, where all of your sensitive documents pass through not just one – but two shredders for the highest security and complete destruction. The shredded sack and paper is then sent to one of our SO Recycle paper mill partners for turning back into paper – in as little as 14 days! 

How it works

Order your confidential waste sacks below
Confidential waste sacks delivered to you
Phone or email to arrange a collection date that suits you
Securely collected and destroyed the same day

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