How can my business recycle cardboard?

Why is cardboard easy to recycle?

Cardboard is SO easy to recycle, however so many business simply don’t realise that throwing it into a DMR bin is not the best way. Cardboard is one of the most easy materials to recycle, making it essential that your business recycles it correctly. Cardboard can be single layer or corrugated and is now made from mostly recycled fibre which makes it a really successful recyclable material.

How can my business recycle cardboard?

How will recycling cardboard benefit my business?

Rebates, rebates, rebates. We buy your cardboard for the best rates on the South Coast. The size of our facility and our location near to the biggest ports in the UK, means that we have the connections and the capacity to pay you the best rates for your clean cardboard waste.

Not only this, but recycling effectively is great for your business reputation and for the environment. We exist because we want to save trees, and recycling your cardboard effectively will ensure that we do that.

Why can’t I burn my cardboard?

How can my business recycle cardboard?

Most cardboard in a DMR bin ends up going straight to incineration due to contamination from other materials once in the bin. This means that often we think we’re recycling cardboard effectively when we’re not.

Burning cardboard is not an effective way of disposing of it and burning any waste is only good if efficient fuel is provided from it. In this way, incineration is marginally better than landfill. However, because cardboard doesn’t provide efficient fuel, it’s not effectively recycled when burnt. When we burn cardboard, we miss the opportunity to recycle it effectively, which a cardboard only bin provides.

How can my business recycle cardboard? How does a cardboard recycling service work?

We also offer the best rebates for cardboard bale collections, with same day collections available. Our Romsey facility offers enough storage for 5000 tonnes of cardboard waste, meaning we can take huge volumes and offer the best prices due to our relationships with brokers, recycling companies and industry leaders.

Get in touch to find out more about our cardboard waste services, to ensure you save money and recycle 100% of your cardboard.