Secure Office Shredding Cabinets

Shredding consoles FROM ONLY £3/week Shredding cabinets

We offer regular shredding for your confidential waste.

We provide a shredding cabinet with 4 weekly service for £3/week, no extra charges, just plus the vat.

A 2 weekly service is £6/week, and a weekly service is £12/week.

These prices are extremely competitive because we are a waste paper merchant, so cut out the middle man and save money today.

Many businesses are now treating all waste paper as confidential waste to avoid the risk of a data breach, it is no longer ok to hope staff put waste paper in the right bin, and our secure cabinets are more cost effective than having an office shredder, they also meet the requirement to have a secure place to store documents before shredding. And as with any legislation – you need proof you are complying, so we provide a collection note and destruction note with each collection giving you total peace of mind – to simply say you have a shredder doesn’t prove you are complying!

For those who need their confidential waste looked after more frequently, our regular pre-booked shredding service could be the answer. Whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly; let us take the stress out of things for you. No need to book in collections, we will arrive on the agreed date and service your cabinet for a totally seamless service.

We know that it’s easy to let things pile on top of you when you’re building your empire. Running a business can feel like a never ending “to do” list, right?

But we can take one vital task off that list. Because with confidential waste sitting heavily in the headlines, it’s more important than ever to keep its secure disposal a firm priority.

We take huge pride in our work, all our operatives are pleasant and well trained, they’ll get to know the office staff and adapt work with you to provide the best service experience possible. .


Reasons to become a SO Recyclist

  • 1 tonne of recycled paper saves s staggering 17 trees
  • It takes only 7 days for a recycled newspaper to find its way back to the shops as a newspaper again
  • Only 67% of paper and cardboard used in the UK is recycled
  • 1 tonne of recycled paper saves enough energy to power a house for an entire year

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