SO Recyclists

Why you should become a SO Recyclist

SO Recycle have successfully partnered with organisations from every industry across the South of England and are building a brand of environmentally conscious recyclists known as the SO Recyclists.

Join the campaign, together we are building a united team that not only promotes the fantastic work of all partners but educates the nation on effective recycling.

Our founder, Bill Murray, launched SO Group back in 2009. He wanted to offer a service that provided better management of office services in a way that rebelled against the typically old-fashioned industry.

The SO Recycle ethos is built on Bill’s mission and our purpose is to offer innovative recycling services that ensure that 100% of materials are properly recycled and turned back into resources.

We are the most environmentally friendly and cheapest provider in the area and together with our partners we are combating the recycling crisis.

We see recycling as an art, building creativity into our brand and encouraging all of our SO Recyclists to get on board the campaign and display their originality when it comes to recycling.

Find out more about the art of recycling and how you can join the SO Recyclists today by phoning 023 8026 5254 or emailing us at [email protected]. Use our hashtag to join the movement #SORecyclists. 

SO Recyclists